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Concert of the Central Conservatory Junior National Orchestra, Bejing

Central Conservatory Junior National Orchestra, founded in 1997, is for the purpose of inheriting excellent national music culture, strengthen the fusion between Chinese and western music. The members of the orchestra come from the excellent students of the affiliated folk music and are the winners of several major international and domestic music competitions. They frequently visited overseas as "China's young talents" and "little players". Since its establishment, the orchestra has received cordial care and help from national leaders, leaders at all levels, school leaders and school leaders. Under the guidance of the expert teachers of folk music, the orchestra has made great progress. Under the leadership of the current director of music, Madam Chen Bing, the orchestra has launched a national orchestra for the youth playing, and established an advanced training system for the aged. Cooperated with many folk music players and composers, the first multi-part works have received unanimous praise.

Method in May 2015 in meeting high level cultural exchange mechanism, the orchestra for Liu Yandong, deputy prime minister and French foreign minister Mr Fabius, get the praise of leaders at all levels and win the honor for college and country. In January 2016, the orchestra performed for Malaysia's first lady and was highly praised


This concert is free.


ZMI Liszt Ferenc Concert Hall, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
37 Zsolnay Vilmos str., Pécs, 7632

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