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The sound of Pécs



Pécs University Choir, led by Prof. Dr. Tamás LAKNER, Liszt Prize-winning conductor

Pécs University Orchestra

Conducted by Balázs KOCSÁR, Liszt Prize-winning conductor



Péter TÓTH: Cantata Universalis - PREMIERE

The musical work Cantata Universalis was composed at the request of the Institute of Music of the University of Pécs’s Faculty of Music and Visual Arts. The poems featured by the musical composition have been written by one of the most talented Hungarian contemporary poets Ágnes Judit Kiss. The goal behind creating this musical piece was to compose a modern Carmina Burana, which is cheerful and thoughtprovoking, and communicates about topics engaging everybody in a language used by today’s university students.


Tickets: HUF 2900

Tickets can be baught at www.jegy.hu , or personaly at the Interticket outlets: https://www.jegy.hu/jegyirodak?lang=en

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Pesti Vigadó
2 Vigadó square, Budapest 1051

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