Tickets can be purchased online at

or in person at the info points of the Zsolnay Örökségkezelő NKft.

– Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
Visitor Centre
Infopoint & Shop at the end of the Street of Artisans' Shop
Guesthouse, reception

– House of Arts and Literature

– Kodály Centre, ticket office

– at the entrance of the Concert Hall, 1 hour before the concert

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Emanuela FARAGÓ, artistic secretary




About us

Dear Music Lover,

We are very much looking forward to our 2017 autumn season. Our series of concerts, organised jointly by the Potenton Foundation and the Institute of Music, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, University of Pécs, has reached a new stage where great artists, including Grammy Award-winners, will give concerts in our Liszt Ferenc Concert Hall. It is an exceptional opportunity for us that we can continue our programme with support from the Ministry of Human Capacities and the State Secretariat for Culture so we can continue to give solo and chamber concerts, enriching the great musical life of our city.
We had a number of full-house concert in the last season, which confirms our expectation that there is a demand from music lovers of the city and the region for concerts of this kind. While the Liszt Ferenc Concert Hall had previously been introduced as a scene for classical concerts for the public, launching our series of concerts has still been a significant step ahead. We do hope that our season this autumn will attract audience even from beyond the region and the atmosphere of our concert hall will be further enriched by even more magical moments that come about when the audience and the artists meet.
I trust and believe that our autumn programme will raise the interest of music lovers again, and we will be all enriched by everlasting experiences also enriching our days.
Dr. Bence Vas, Art Director



•Promotion of the recognition of musical arts in the society
•Promotion of the recognition of wind music in the society
•Supporting the professional life of professionals who are involved in higher education programmes in music and music teacher education in Pécs, with a special emphasis on students’ and teachers’ activities as well as those of the wind orchestra.


       •Performing activities related to the dissemination of music and knowledge related to music.
•Organizing events to support musical arts, with a special emphasis on organizing events related to solo and chamber music and the wind orchestra.
•Supporting research, conferences, master classes, training programmes, related to music, with a special emphasis on topics related to music as a profession, and its methodology, psychology, sociology, history and education
•Publishing publications related to music.
•Media activities in support of achieving the objectives of the foundation.



Institute of Music

The aim of our music training is to produce artists and teachers who enjoy a rich palette of music ability, who perform at a high level, and whose pedagogic knowledge prepares them to teach in the various fields of music education, and to conduct, play in chamber ensembles, or to perform as soloists or in orchestras and choirs, according to their specialised training. 

The rich art life, renowned music and fine artists living and working in Pécs helped the creation of the Faculty of Music and Visual Arts, which was established in 1996 from the various art departments of the predecessors. This is the country's only Faculty, where music,  fine arts, applied and media education training is done integratedly, and the only university of higher education in Hungary that offers PhD / DLA education in the arts, besides the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy.

New opportunities were born for the Faculty of Arts in it's new campus in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. The Institute of Music found a new home at the former apprenticeship of the factory. Following the spirit of the place, our institute also considers high-level instrumental traing, singing and theoretical training, supporting talents as the foundation of its teaching work. We are convinced, however, that not the building or the structure of the institute are attractive to the music lovers, but the personality, knowledge and pedagogical commitment of our art teachers. His art teachers - as soloists or as members of renowned Hungarian bands - are regular performers of the Hungarian and international concerts. Outstanding students are also part of the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra - Pécs's orchestral concerts. We are very pleased to have two very special Honorary Doctors, Maestro José Carreras and Maestro Placido Domingo.  
In the fall of 2016, as part of its Chamber Concert series, the institute's unwavering intention to appear in Budapest is also concerto life, and to further enrich Pécs and the region's outstanding musical life.

More information of the 20th years of Faculty can be found in the Information bruchure

A Vidáman a komolyzenéről - ismeretterjesztő koncertsorozat középiskolásoknak szakmai program megvalósítását 2019. évben a Magyar Művészeti Akadémia támogatta.


A PTE MK ZMI 2020 őszi programok szakmai megvalósítását 2020. évben a Magyar Művészeti Akadémia támogatta.